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Total Environment
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Windmills celebrates the harmonious union of music, carefully curated food & fine craft beer, set amidst a treasure trove of hand-picked books.

Brewery | Restaurant | Music
Tel: +91 88802 33322
6th Floor, 331, Road 5B, EPIP Zone, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560066, India
Windmills Whitefield
Restaurant Time
12:00 PM to 12:00 AM
Craft Beer
& Brewery
Sourcing the best hops, grains and malts, we ensure every pint served is deliciously fresh.
Like anything we touch, we don't do it unless we can do it well. The same philosophy is applied to our craft beer and brewery standards. From sourcing the best hops, grains, and malts to our natural fermentation process to our quality control, we ensure every pint served is deliciously fresh and brimming with flavour.


Meet our team
At Total Environment, we love creating rich, colourful and vibrant experiences that evoke emotions and touch the heart. We draw our inspiration from nature, the earth, arts and crafts and our deep-rooted cultural heritage
Meet our team
At Total Environment, we love creating rich, colourful and vibrant experiences that evoke emotions and touch the heart. We draw our inspiration from nature, the earth, arts and crafts and our deep-rooted cultural heritage
It was the love for brewing that took this tech nerd from Texas to one of America's oldest brewing schools, the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago. Several lessons later, his brewery dreams found their buzz in partnering with Kamal and Shibanee Sagar in Bengaluru, India, in 2011. This partnership led to the opening of Windmills Craftworks, Bengaluru, Oota, Bengaluru, Windmills at the Quad at BIAL, and Windmills at Grandscape, Texas, USA.

As CEO of Total Environment Hospitality, Ajay insists on checking everything, personally, be it Beer or Baked Blueberry Cheesecake. No wonder he's dubbed Chief Eating Officer! &
Corporate Chef
Lover of puns. Prince of pasta… Ladies & gents - we present Chef Mandaar!

This one-time NDA aspirant is a Chef from Belagavi (Belgaum) and the winner of more culinary awards than there are chicken curry recipes! Top Young Chefs of India, 2006… Celebrated Chefs of India, 2013… Chef of The Year, 2016… and, also, as a young lad, Best Packer of Mom's Tiffin!

A Revivalist of Nizami cuisine & Master of European nuances, Chef Mandaar is the author of 'Romancing the Chicks', a culinary ode to green chickpeas (why - what did you think?), and the man behind Italia, Bengaluru, He was also Team Chef to Australia's Cricket Team during their 2017 tour of India.
Director of Culinary Operations
From Kolar to Mauritius to Bengaluru to the UK to Bengaluru - life, for our Director of Culinary Operations, has always been a highway! And now, the journey takes him onwards to Windmills, Grandscape, Texas.

From 2014-17, he undertook a 20,000 km fieldtrip around Karnataka to deep dive into regional cuisine. The results of that adventure are now showcased at our award-winning restaurant, Oota. Many of the popular dishes on the Windmills menu, from the Beef Picante to the Wild Mushroom Risotto, are also the result of Chef Suresh's excellent handiwork.

Good luck in your onward journey, Suresh. We know you'll always go the extra mile as you move ahead on your culinary adventure.
Manager Operations
From pizza making to report making, admin and pre-openings, and with a degree in International Hospitality Management in Edinburgh, Scotland, Sanil had tried his hand at almost everything but soon got bored with the lack of new challenges.

All set to move to Thailand in 2011, Sanil had refused three interview calls from Windmills. But guess it was a case of fourth time lucky - for us! A start-up specialist, Sanil was part of the pre-opening team for Windmills, The Terrace, Oota, and Windmills at The Quad at BIAL - the latter being entirely his 'baby'. Today, as Operations Manager, he has a finger in every pie - be it housekeeping, valet supervision, maintenance, security, uniforms, and vendor management. Truly, everyone's 'go to' guy!
Head Brewer
Shaan ran away from his modest options in the rural hinterland of Krishnarampur near Kolkata to try his luck in Bengaluru. And, after working as a steward at Ruby Tuesday for nine months, he joined Windmills as Senior Steward in 2010.

He would spend two hours in the brewery each night, from 10pm to midnight, cleaning and diligently helping out American brew master, Ed Tringali, with the inventory, until, finally, Ed had no choice but to teach him brewing! After 6 months of training, he honed his craft under successive brew masters, Todd Holder, Jacob Daniel Angel, and Cal Ryan. Today, as our Head Brewer, Shaan's is the archetypical runaway success story!
At Windmills, we are committed to inspiring change in the world, one guest at a time. Every member of this team is an experience-creator. An experience that is consistent from the time our customers walk in, to last call, and beyond. We are building a team that has the mental grit and conviction in chasing lofty aspirations without compromising on values.

With every new hire, we look to raise the bar of our team, and expand our perspective on the work we do and the world we share. Here's to making the places we go more beautiful, the experiences we have more enjoyable, and the things we eat and drink more delicious. Whether it's a home, a resort, or great food and craft beer, if it's from Total Environment, you can expect it to be sensitively designed, completely personal and totally original. We live by our passions and hope to ignite yours.

To apply for any open position with us, please email your resume to
The Bartender is the embodiment of service. There is no request too extreme and no attitude you can't turn around. You love food, trying new things and helping our guests navigate our adventurous menu. You will be responsible for providing outstanding service to the guest before anything else. You will also be responsible for ensuring that our standards are met and passing on that standard to new hires. Everything we do from the moment we walk into our doors is about our guests.
Our Restaurant is looking to hire new cooks who will be responsible for preparing authentic, traditional and innovative dishes for our guests. Duties will include prepping meals by weighing, measuring, mixing ingredients, cooking meals, checking ingredients for freshness, and arranging & garnishing the dishes. You will also be in charge of ensuring that the kitchen and equipment are properly cleaned and maintained. To be successful in this job, you will need a thorough experience with hot and cold food preparation. Prior experience in a related position is helpful. All kitchen staff members will be cross-trained in multiple stations.
As a server with Windmills, you are the embodiment of service. You will be responsible for providing outstanding service to the guest before anything else. You will be ambassadors for guest experience while serving our guests in a friendly and efficient manner. You will also be expected to have a high knowledge level about our food and beverage offerings.
Guest Relations Executive
The GRE is a vital element to the success of the Restaurant. They are the first impression of the restaurant and must convey a warm and friendly welcome. Must be able to convey, often over the telephone the essence of how much we value the guest experience at Windmills.

Let Our Live Music Transport You

Omara Portuondo Live in Concert
Day & Time:
Thursday, June 8 2023 | 8.30 pm onwards
Friday, June 9 2023 | 8.30 pm onwards

Genre: Bolero | Canción | Son Cubano | Guaracha | Jazz

Thursday, June 8 2023 - Rs 2000 + taxes per person
Friday, June 9 2023 - Rs 2000 + taxes per person
Thursday, June 8 2023 - Rs 5000 + taxes per person
Friday, June 9 2023 - Rs 5000 + taxes per person
(Inclusive of cover charge of INR 1500, fully redeemable against Food & Beverage consumption during the concert.)

Book Now: Book Now

Featuring: Omara Portuondo - Vocals | Yadasny José - Piano | Angel Gastón - Bass Guitar | Rodney Yllarza - Drums | Pedro Pablo Rodríguez - Percussion

Synopsis: During her long and illustrious career, Cuban singer and dancer, Omara Portuondo Peláez, has collaborated with several eminent Cuban musicians. Primarily known for her rendition of boleros, she has recorded in a wide range of styles from jazz to son cubano. She has toured the United States, performed with Nat King Cole at the Tropicana, and recorded a 1957 album for RCA Victor. With 3 Grammy Award nominations, she has won a Latin Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Tropical Album in 2009, and a Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019. Omara continues to remain a popular fixture on the local music scene, singing regularly at the Tropicana Club, the Delirio Habanero and Café Cantante. 

Accompanying the Grande Dame of traditional Cuban singing, The Omara Portuondo Band comprising Pianist - Yadasny José, Bass Guitarist - Angel Gastón, Drummer - Rodney Yllarza and Percussionist - Pedro Pablo Rodríguez, have enthralled audiences the world over.  Their music epitomises the energy and style that beats at the heart of Cuban music, ranging from the Cuban guajira, bolero, mambo, and son to elements of jazz. Along with Omara Portuondo, the band will be performing at Windmills to give us a taste of the syncretic rhythms of Cuban music. 

Artiste Videos:
Sábanas Blancas | Welcome to World Circuit | Bonito y sabroso | AFI Latin American Film Festival

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Come Visit Windmills
We look forward to seeing you for a delicious meal and a unique dining experience. If you'd like to comment or ask a question, please feel free to contact us.

6th Floor, 331, Road 5B, EPIP Zone
Whitefield, Bengaluru
Landmarks - Next to L&T infotech
Karnataka, 560066, India
Windmills BIAL
The Quad, Devanahalli, Kempegowda, International Airport, Bengaluru


MOBILE:    +91 88802 33322

MOBILE:    +91 88802 33322
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